Factory Style Wheels OE Replica Wheels for Toyota Fitments, focusing on Tacoma, Tundra, Sequoia, Landcruiser and FJ Cruiser. Factory Style Wheels uses industry leading manufacturing methods to produce wheels that are strong, light-weight, durable and affordable. Our wheels are JWL/VIA compliant, tested and certified. Select options will also be SAE certified. Please keep reading for more information on these safety testing procedures and organizations.

  • 2021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F2462021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F246
  • 2021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F2472021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F247
  • 2021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F2502021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F250
  • 2021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F2562021 4TR Pro Style FFS – F256
  • L-C Style – F091L-C Style – F091
  • L-C Style – F092L-C Style – F092
  • Limited Style – F111Limited Style – F111
  • Limited Style – F112Limited Style – F112
  • LX Style – F102LX Style – F102